Testing functions of the Information Systems

Functional testing is a process whose purpose is to make sure that the program works and functions correctly, that is, in accordance with the specification.

It is impossible to be sure of the 100% quality of the application before testing the functional requirements. Therefore, functional testing is widely used to ensure product quality. This means that applications must be subjected to serious functional testing before they reach customers. Such a measure is necessary to make sure that the functions work correctly. In addition, functional testing should be conducted after system testing and before acceptance testing.

Functional testing is a mandatory process in the life cycle of development, one of the types of testing that is aimed at checking the correctness of functional requirements taking into account the real property of the product. The main goal of functional testing is to prove that the developed software has all the functionality that is important for the user.

Functional testing provides the enterprise with the correct operation of their software. Evaluation of program requirements is the initial stage of functional testing, followed by a clear plan that coordinates the objectives of functional testing with general business objectives.

When we start working with the program, we expect that it will perform the tasks for which it is intended. Functional testing is performed to check how far the final product meets the technical specification, and also to make sure that all functions work correctly and that the program does not contain errors.

Functional testing, like any other type of testing, is performed to make the product easier to use, and to prevent errors. To conduct the testing, the quality control department prepares a diagram and a scenario describing all the steps that confirm compliance with the requirements of the final product. In order to ensure maximum reliability, the most frequently used functions are analyzed, and the order in which the average user applies them is also analyzed. Functional testing is performed immediately after the configuration of the functional and ends when each part of the configuration operates in accordance with the requirements.

Functional testing is designed to show that the automated workstations of the information system provide users with exactly the functionality that they expect from it. The system performs its functions correctly.

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